TUESDAY, MAY 13, 2014/ MARDI LE 13 AVRIL, 2014

1.       4306


Litige entre CNR et TCRC concernant V. Beaupré est tenu de produire une déclaration officielle pour inscription en maladie le dimanche 28 avril 2013 et suite à cette enquête, la Compagnie lui impose une réprimande écrite. (COUNSEL) 

2.       4307


Dispute between CNR and TCRC-CTY concerning the discharge Conductor C. Jerlo for his deliberate manipulation of the CATS system to obtain earnings that he was not entitled to, for his tour duty as a student locomotive engineer on June 9, 2013, when he overrode the single-subdivision rate or pay and instead entered the higher extended run rate of pay. (COUNSEL)

3.       4308


Dispute between CNR and TCRC-LE concerning the denial of Locomotive Engineer JP Anderson’s bid to the terminal of Montreal.  (COUNSEL)

4.       4309


Dispute between CNR and TCRC-LE concerning harassment and intimidation of K. Corrigan regarding a forced leave. (COUNSEL)

5.       4310


Dispute between VIA and UNIFOR concerning the discharge of S. Lafreniere

·         25 demerits for being involved in a physical altercations on September 24, 2011

·         30 demerits for soliciting money from a customer on September 14, 2012

·         10 demerits for refusing to obey the order of both the security officer and a manager of the TSO on October 26, 2011.

·         60 demerits for physically assaulting a customer on September 14, 2013, followed by discharge for accumulation of demerits.

WEDNESDAY, MAY 14, 2014 / MERCREDI LE 14 MAI, 2014

6.       4311

Dispute between CPR and TCRC-MWED concerning the dismissal of B. B. for operating a vehicle in an unsafe manner, and for his wilful use of an illegal and prohibited substance resulting in a positive test. (COUNSEL)

7.       4312

Dispute between CNR and TCRC concerning Article Violations of 2.14, 2.15, 2.16 where conductors are entitled for payment for assisting Locomotive Engineer to pick up or set out diesel unit or (units) involving their consist. (COUNSEL)

8.       4313

Dispute between CNR and TCRC-CTY concerning the dismissal of JR Audet, after accommodations were provided, a janitorial position was offered, which the grievor reported to for two days, after which he was absent from work. The grievor was advised that the employment relationship with CN was terminated. (COUNSEL)

THURSDAY, MAY 15, 2014 / JEUDI LE 15 MAI, 2014

9.       4314

Dispute between CPR and TCRC-RTC concerning D. T. the appeal of 45 demerits for the alleged violation of CROR Rule 136c and RTC Manual Section 8.3 Verifications of Authorities during his tour of duty on July 4, 2013 and his dismissal for conduct unbecoming for allegedly engaging in an illicit and prohibited substance (cocaine) incompatible with his Safety Critical position as evidenced by the positive rest his post incident/accident substance test of July 4, 2013.